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Since the start of the gaming industry, it has taken the world by storm. People worldwide want to have their hands on a video game console. The game industry keeps growing continuously to the point where the gaming industry has overcome the movie production industry financially and by a massive fan base. In this blog, we will discuss all of the news in the gaming industry and educate and spread awareness to the gaming community as in every community and industry there is bound to be fraud and issues. Furthermore, make sure to follow the available social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and join the wonderful community of gaming and news.

Gaming journalism legal challenges

Without a doubt, one of the most crucial things in every industry worldwide is to have legal boundaries for their protection. These legal boundaries will protect every company and its products, brands, and content. In the gaming industry gaming journalism has its limits and gaming journalists are not allowed to post and publish any content that has not yet been released by a gaming company or studio such action is called content leaking. Leaked content is information that has been obtained by gaming journalists and published for the public to see without the knowledge of the gaming studio or company. Despite all of the excitement or anger due to the release of some leaked content related to a video game with a massive fanbase that is patiently waiting with excitement for any official information from the gaming studio themselves. The gaming journalist in question that released the leaked content to the public will face legal charges from the gaming studio or company and pay a fine and in some situations, the journalist will receive a jail sentence.

Other legal challenges and issues that a gaming journalist could face is when they use copyright content without asking for permission from the gaming developer studio and using the copyright content as their own personal content. While on the other hand some gaming journalists will be severely punished by law when they are slandering gaming companies or studios in order to ruin their reputation in the gaming community and spreading false information or true events that have been twisted to achieve their objective.

Cyberpunk 2077 what went wrong

Without a doubt, Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most anticipated games worldwide fans could not wait to get their hands on a digital or a physical copy of the game. The game's popularity increased vastly since CD project red the game developer released the Witcher wild hunt back in 2015 and with the game-winning multiple awards CD project red fanbase increased rapidly. After the Witcher wild hunt agenda is fully accomplished and all of the DLC are available for the gaming community fans could not wait for the release of Cyberpunk 2077 since its announcement in 2012. CD project red announced that Cyberpunk 2077 will officially be released in April 2020. Which was then delayed by CD project red to September 2020 and again to November 19th. Such action angered CD project red fanbase and gamers keep telling the gaming developer studio to stop hyping people for the release and then delay the game more than once. While on the other hand some gamers even lost hope that the game would ever be released to the public. As November 19th approaches CD project red has decided to delay the game once more which got the fanbase really angry therefore CD project decided to release the game on November 19th. However, upon the games, release console gamers started to have a massive number of issues and software problems with the game itself as the game is full of bugs and glitches. Furthermore, console graphics according to console users from the PS4 and the Xbox provided evidence of how bad the graphics are which completely angered fans that are waiting for the game. CD project red has then come forth with an apology to its fanbase about how the game is not fully finished for console users and promised to fix the problem as soon as possible and released an update road map with a free DLC coming soon.

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is a Sony exclusive PlayStation 4 video game that took the gaming world by storm ever since its announcement back in 2017. Initially, the game was set to release on the 26th of June 2020. However, after some issues and restrictions with the Coronavirus pandemic Sucker punch productions the gaming studio known for many popular games in the gaming world decided to delay the game until 17th July 2020. Upon the release of the game on the final and official release date fans could not wait to get their hands on the game millions of players worldwide have pre-purchased the game via the PlayStation store and as expected the game was a hit as gaming studios and journalists have rated the game to be one of the best games of 2020 ever to be released. Ghost of Tsushima takes players back to the year 1274 in Japan on an island called Tsushima. The storyline begins on getting the players ready for a Mongolian invasion on the island. Players will be able to play as Jin Sakai a samurai that fights alongside his clan and numerous other clans as they unite to take down the Mongolian invading enemies and reclaim their homeland Tsushima. Jin Sakai survived the attempt to repel the invading enemies however realised that the enemy is way too strong, and the way of the samurai is not enough. Jin Sakai then puts a new plan to motion by recruiting more soldiers and liberating farms and outposts near his village. Jin then mixes three fighting styles together making him a ninja a samurai and an archer making him the ultimate warrior against the enemies and after numerous victories and fallen enemy generals the people of Tsushima called him Ghost of Tsushima.

Players worldwide have expressed their happiness and joy throughout social media after playing the game. Players were happy to experience the Japanese culture and traditions and the way of the samurai learning all about the honour and pride to become one. On the other hand, players have expressed how outstanding the graphics of the game was and how realistic and lifelike the characters look. Some players have reported how shocked with excitement they were when they saw how professional the game was put together and how realistic wildlife was within the game and how stunning the movement of the grass, wind, and trees it was perfect and made it feel realistic. Millions of players worldwide love the game as such when a priest of Tsushima in the real world opened a fundraiser to fix one of the shines that has fallen due to a storm thousands of players rushed to donate to raise 260 thousand for maintenance for the shrine.

The Last of Us Part II

Last of Us Part 2 is a game that has everyone in the PlayStation 4 gaming community waiting for its release with excitement. However, we must discuss what has gone wrong and why the gaming community was outraged when the game was released and discuss the experiences that the people in the gaming community went through. The action-adventure game began development by Naughty Dog as a PlayStation 4 exclusive game in 2014 and released on June 19th, 2020 after few delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. After a few weeks from when the game was released the PlayStation 4 gaming community were outraged of how one of the main characters of the storyline called Joel died in the game.

After experiencing how the character died in the most brutal way people took to the social media to express their feelings upon what they have just witnessed. Personally, as an individual that has played the game the main character Joel should not have died in this brutal way even though his death is part of the storyline. Despite all of that the game is indeed a good game as it has won many awards after winning the nomination of the game of the year. On the other hand, experiences from the community itself state that the graphics of the game was outstanding and the experience of how the game was thrilling and how it glued the players to their seats to find out what happened next in the storyline gives us all that exciting feeling to push on with the adventure and find out more during our journey. Personally, the experiences that the game put players through are outstanding as it triggers all of the emotions from happiness, excitement, sadness and anger which truly shows the great work that was put forth into the development of the game.


Without a doubt, Twitter is a really good social media platform if someone wants to start a blog and gain followers and be updated on the latest news. Personally, as a gaming Blogger and journalist, an individual must first understand the community that they are addressing and the content that will be available in their gaming blog in order to attract people. Using Twitter is beneficial as an individual can tweet and retweet on gaming-related news. Such actions will show people that you are interested in the content which will gain you, followers. On the other hand, when using Twitter as a gaming Blogger and journalist the individual must follow all of the gaming accounts that are available on Twitter that will provide all gaming related news. However, such gaming accounts like IGN and other accounts that are similar will only give a really short summary of the news or event that has happened or will be happening in the future. As a gaming Blogger, it would be quite beneficial if the individual research on that specific event. Next, make a quick blog or post that contains a video or picture and post it on Twitter. That post must contain a discussion on the issues that happened during that event and the blogger must give their own opinion on what they think should have happened and how to make it better for the gaming community. Posts that will be posted on Twitter or on other platforms must be exciting and engaging and make people retweet it and give their own opinion in the comments section. To achieve that the Blogger must be effective in the gaming community and fight alongside gamers and their rights as some paid journalists will fight the gaming community and report on news that is not true. Fighting for the community will grant the Blogger the communities respect and the Bloggers popularity will then increase over time. Other ways such as doing competitions with prizes and letting your followers see their luck by applying for a giveaway of free merchandise or video games will also increase the support and love of your followers on the channel.


Instagram is a quite fascinating platform for gaming bloggers and journalists the platform allows us to communicate with our followers in many different ways however one of the fastest ways to do so in the platform is to post a story. An Instagram story consists of a photo or video and many decorations such as GIF and stickers. However, a story is different from a post and the difference between them is accessibility and communication. A post will allow people to interact and communicate with each other in the comment section and like and share. While on the other hand, a story is easy to access at any time for 24 hours however the follower will only be able to communicate with the account’s owner directly and not with other people. Posting storeys about Cyberpunk 2077 and other games such as Ghost of Tashima was exciting however

creating these stories was even more exciting as I have used Placeit instead of Canva as Placeit has more options and decorations and allows the individual to create their own story on the design that they want. This is a sample of both video games that I have posted on my Instagram story Cyberpunk 2077 story post was more related to the game as it is a game about the future. I wanted the story post to look more futuristic and exactly like the game itself with different colours and a nice a picture in the background. While on the other hand, I wanted the story for Ghost of Tashima to reflect the game itself as such I have used red with the photo of the main character in the background as the game is all about war and revenge and I wanted the story to reflect that.

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